2018, slipping away already!

Posted: 18th January 2018 by markomac in Uncategorized

Well, its been a year or so since my last blog update, in which I set myself a few little goals to try and achieve. So, before we go any further, lets just recap those and see how I did…

-Enjoy my wedding next month-
Check! It was bloody hot, but a fun time was had by all who survived said heat.

-Adopt another cat-
Check! We had a cat enclosure added to the side of the house, and practically immediately went to The Animal Welfare League and adopted a little girl we named Rey.

-Make an appearance on both the Conco and The Fudge podcast and Unsocial Jordan Vlog-
Check on the Conco and The Fudge Podcast. Sadly didnt get on the Unsocial Jordan Vlog. And Unsocial Jordan has since canned the vlog and is pursuing other angles, so no chance of getting on now.

-Capture more video of things I might do-
Did not happen. Plain and simple.

-Beat Chris Johnston in Formula 1-
May have fluked one. But he may have stopped trackside to let me catch up. Who knows.

-Train like I’m going to have another fight, even if I dont have another fight-
Cant really claim that this happened. I’ve been working out on and off, but nothing remotely like I would be doing if I was having another fight.

Alright, so now that 2017 is all done, lets move on to some hopeful achievements for 2018.

-Do some Ring Announcing Work

-Compete in some Go Kart Races

-Cross off at least 3 bucket list items (bucket list can be found in this blog under the heading ‘101 things to do’)

-Again, film more of the things I do.

-Try and learn new things. Doesnt matter what.

-Try and use social media just a little less frequently

Thats all I can think of for now, but i’ll add some more if they pop into my mind down the line. Feel free to message me on any of my social medias if you think theres anything I should be trying to achieve.

Later guys.