So, after last years Sydney Tower Run-Up effort, I was pretty pumped to compete in it once again in an attempt to smash my personal best time of 18 minutes and 1 Second. So, when I found out that the Tower Run had been cancelled for this year, I was pretty dissappointed that I wouldnt be able to achieve my goal.


So what does one do when they simply can not reach a goal due to outside measures? Well, I personally found and set a bigger and taller goal. I want to smash my Sydney Tower time, but in the taller Eureka Tower in Melbourne.


So yes, I am officially registered for the Eureka Climb taking place on the 13th November. And am therefore, once again, raising money for charity! Their are two charities benefiting from this run, Interplast Australia and New Zealand as well as White Lion.


Interplast Australia & New Zealand is a charity that provides teams of medical volunteers to undertake programs of plastic and reconstructive surgery and training in neighbouring Asian Pacific Countries.


Whitelion supports young people to build better lives for themselves and helps make our community a more inclusive and safer place.


So, if all my faithful blog readers, facebook friends, Twitter followers, My Space friends (does My Space actually still exist?) and normal friends can make a donation at

I would be so very much appreciative. I will also be giving out some prizes along the way to people who donate certain amounts, but there will be more on that later on.


So anyway, Ill leave it at that for now, and leave you with a picture of the tower!

Peace out guys.





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