Hey there, pretty eyes!

Posted: 28th July 2011 by markomac in Uncategorized

Yes, I was referring to you when I wrote that heading. No, not that other guy reading. Or that other girl reading. YOU! And you only.

So, im in a strange mood, if you couldnt tell. Some where between sleepy and tired I reckon it is. In my mind, Im super keen to do some exercise. In my body, typing is more than enough exercise. What to do.

So, it turns out that my birthday is next week (tuesday for those playing at home). I’ll be 26. Yep, Im getting pretty old. Its time to start accomplishing things I reckon. Hard to know where to start though. Though, I may consider the fact that Im now saving for a house as a start. Seems a good a place as any, right? Who wants to come to my house warming party when i finally do buy a house? Only readers of my blog will know about it, so therefore I’ll know who actually reads here.

My new job is going alright. Its giving me plenty of chance to save money. So thats a bonus.

For anyone thats interested, I posted last time that I had started a tumblr account. If anyone wants to follow, my address thingo is game-set-mac.tumblr.com you can head to markomac.com and follow the link from there if you need to.

Anyways guys, it was nice chatting. If any of you are feeling charitable, I recommend you make a donation at http://www.crowdrise.com/RunForTNC Its for The Nature Conservancy. My pal Sophia Bush is running a 5 mile stint of the San Fran Marathon. Im sure she’d appreciate your support greatly. Tell her I sent you (It wont get you anything, but still…).

Peace out my dear friends. I miss each and every one of you. (I told you, weird mood)


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