Hello there avid blog readers (or more likely; person who stumbled on this blog somehow)

Man, its been quite some time since Ive updated this thing, and boy has there been a lot of things going on.

Im just going to create a list of things, and if I find them interesting enough, ill elaborate after the list.

So here we go. Since last post I have:

– Been to America
– Been Made Redundant
– Found A New Job
– Improved on my skateboard collection
– Purchased a new TV
– Started saving money for some special things
– Created a Tumblr account

Im almost certain there’s more things that have happened. But for the life of me I can not remember.

My holiday to the USA was AWESOME. Saw some great places but was highly disappointed that we didnt see ANY celebrities (we MIGHT have seen Ron Jeremy in Wilmington, but thats unconfirmable).

I went on so many Roller Coaster’s whilst we were there, the unofficial count stands somewhere near the 40 mark. Roller Coasters have become a new passion of mine. Ive been on some of the biggest and fastest in the world, and I want to continue that until ive done them all. (I know thats probably not possible, but hey, I can try). Im actually thinking of adding a ‘Roller Coasters Ridden’ list into my website (which reminds me, I should get someone to start building that thing). Then it can be showcased up with my Charity Efforts, Film Making efforts and any other efforts I make (probably sporting). What else would you guys like to see? Im thinking of a Random Mark O Mac fact generator dealy that has a random fact every week or something. Im sure I have heaps of interesting facts about myself….

Moving on, my main goal for the year, which consisted of taking 5 minutes off my Sydney Tower Stair Climb Run has been destroyed. Simply for the fact that this year, the Sydney Tower Stair Climb is not happening. But have no fear guys. I plan to take on a bigger and harder challenge. The Eureka Tower in Melbourne is the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere. Its bigger than Sydney Tower. But its not bigger that me. I plan to destroy it (in the sense that Ill climb it without any drama, no actual destruction).

Speaking of charity based things, I just want to through a shout out to my pal Sophia Bush (Disclaimer: Ive never actually met Sophia, we talk on Twitter, She seems to not hate me, so that makes her my pal. In fact, Im now challenging myself to get proof of her saying we are pals. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!). She is simply amazing when it comes to charity work. I personally have never seen someone so committed to raising money for causes. Im sure that a lot of celebrities do this sort of thing, but anytime ive seen a celeb do charity work, Ive never seen one that actually seems to believe in what they are promoting/raising money for. I honestly think that Sophia Bush IS the reason that I became so keen on raising for and donating to charity. I doubt she’ll actually read this to get my kudos, but hey, if two people read this and are aware of her efforts, maybe that’ll make a difference somehow.

I watched Days Of Thunder tonight (my fave movie of ALL time) and theres a quote from it that Ive never actually noticed (well, ive noticed it, I know most of the movie word for word, Ive just never appreciated the quote). I feel that in a way it sums up myself in a way. The scene is when Cole Trickle is getting ready for the Daytona 500, the last race of the movie. Trying to put a perspective on why he feels he needs to run this race, he says “Im more afraid of being nothing than I am of being hurt”. Ive always felt that Ive had the abilities to be more than what I am. Ive always felt there was more for me than waking up, going to a job I dont really like, coming home and doing it all again. And yet, here I am, worried about what time it is so I dont go to bed to late and be tired for my job tomorrow. I think its time to change this. So whilst I’ll still go to the job, I plan to spend my personal time far more productively to become something better than I am. Something that at the very least makes me feel important.

Anyway guys, Ive just about had enough for one night. Maybe soon I’ll get back into that 30 day Song Challenge thingo, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for it.

Peace out dudes and dudettes. Until next time.

Mark O Mac

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