Hello yet again.

Those of you who follow me on twitter via the @THEmarkomac account, may have noticed that I said id post a blog about the epicness of my weekend once/if work got quiet today. Well, if you couldn’t/didn’t guess, work did not slow down at all.

So here I am, laying in my bed, typing this up on my iPhone (it’s days like this that I wish I had an iPad). Sure, I could just use my computer that is two metres away, but the portable device has always been my choice of updating.

So, should I just get to the epic weekend already? Well, here we go.

It all started on Friday morning. I had acquired a day of annual leave to compete in the Met South West Golf Challenge. A yearly golf tournament that my brother organises with his mates. A yearly golf tournament that twice, out of the three times I’ve competed, I’ve come dead last. Two times in a row, I have come dead last. So, in the lead up, I had acquired an entire new golfing outfit. I looked super professional. My goal, to not come last and to look good doing it.

I was confident I could claw my way off the bottom, and as it turns out, I was hitting the ball fairly well for my level of ability. Played some AWESOME shots, played some shit shots and to cut a long story short, I succeeded in my goal. I didn’t come last AND I looked good doing it.


Friday night, my pal Chris was having a surprise party thrown for him. We missed the initial surprise, but I like to think that WE (moreso myself then the others i was with) were the real surprise of the night. Man, Chris is hilarious when he’s drunk. Had some good chats with a bunch of guys I hadn’t seen for a while and all in all, it was a fun and enjoyable night.


Saturday was pretty lame. Had cricket and hurt myself. So we’ll skip this. HOWEVER, we attended the Green Valley Hotel for some spicy wings afterwards, and I swear, those things are like jesus’ testicles. SOOOO good. Smashed them.

Sunday was UFC day. The second UFC event to happen in Sydney. We had such a good group of guys going and the fun started at 7am.

I was picking up my main man Isaac from his house. I punched the address I heard him say into my iPhone maps app, and set off. I pulled up where the phone told me to be, and walked to the door and it seemed like no one had awoken in the house. I cautiously decided not to knock and rang Isaac to see if I was right.

Turns out, his street started with an L, not an R. I’d nearly woken up a house of randoms. I eventually found my way. Isaac had joined the group.

We ended up missing the train we had planned on catching, so we ended up grabbing some food. At this stage, there were 5 of us. We got some dodgy pies (2 bites an it went in the bin) and then we were on the train.

Arrival at Sydney Olympic Park. We exit the station and our plan was to head to the Armageddon Pop Culture Expo. However, we happened to see the Melbourne Vixen netball team. Creepily, we followed them. We ended up about 10 minutes out of our way.

Once we finished with them, we walked through the crowd of people already lining up for UFC. For some reason, they didn’t like us. We got some death stares. I assume because we weren’t wearing tapout gear.

Fast forward to our free entry to Armageddon Expo. Only reason unwanted to go was because Laura Vandervoort was in attendance. We headed straight to her photo booth. I purchased a photo ticket and man, was she so ridiculously nice to me and she is SUCH a babe in real life. Such a good experience.




UFC was our next stop. Diamond area seating, 6 of us in attendance. Our seats were INSANE. The only bad part of the experience was George Sotiropoulos losing his first ever fight. So, good seats, good company and the enjoyment of UFC made for an awesome day.



We then finished the UFC weekend with some Thai food. The perfect way to wrap up a great weekend.


Oh and to top it off, I had Monday off as well. A great way to wind down from a HECTIC weekend.

Anyways, that’s just about my weekend. Well, what I can remember anyway. If you’ve got any questions about any of it, hit me up in the comments section.

Peace out and much love!

Oh, I’m also looking at getting a site made up for markomac.com, stay tuned.

– Posted from my iPhone

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