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Posted: 24th February 2011 by markomac in Uncategorized
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Why does the thought of certain people just rub you the wrong way? Do these people go out of their way to cause you to feel this way? Or is it just the way some people are?

Take for example, a customer that I deal with. He has a lift that was installed in 1960. He then complains that it doesn’t run perfectly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He even goes as far as to complain about noises… Noises that come from normal operation and have likely been the same since 1960.

He’ll go through periods where he has a new problem every day for weeks. Each time, his lift is running on arrival. He then goes as far as to tell me how to fix the problem that isn’t even there. I’m sorry mate, but cleaning the same contacts and door tracks everytime I turn up clearly isn’t fixing your problem. If it was, I’d show you how to do it and you could ‘fix’ it yourself.

It’s these same problems that caused the last lift mechanic to start avoiding your building. Much like I often want to.

We do not want you standing there watching everything we do. It’s creepy. You’re creepy. And I don’t appreciate how hard you make things.

The answer I simple, if you want your elevator to run like a brand new elevator, then spend some money and buy a brand new elevator.

Untill you do that, i will continue to avoid your building when possible.

Peace out guys.

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