Here’s a pretty simple question for you. Where do you go for motivation? What motivates you to get out of bed every day and live your life to the fullest? Is there a certain someone who does this for you? A role model? A celebrity? A boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are you simply just self motivated?

Here’s one of the biggest problems in my life. Lack of motivation. Well, actually, lack of consistent motivation. You see, I’m the kind of guy who has all these ‘great ideas’ and makes a basic plan on how to get to the end of the idea, but can never seem to get the job done. I start, then fail. I just can’t keep the motivation there consistently.

Take my upcoming 10km run. It’s now been probably 2 months since I signed up for it, I raised some early dollars for the charity and then couldn’t get anyone to pay attention, so I didn’t start training. Once it set in that people weren’t super interested in supporting me, I stopped supporting myself.

So, the question is, how do I fix this? I’m now under a month away from this run and I simply can’t get motivated to train. I simply have no driving force. How do I get this force? Maybe I need a trainer? Someone to push me. But where do I get one of them without forking out big dollars? My old workout buddies are off doing other things. So how do I generate the motivation?

I can almost certainly say that, if more people were to donate, id be more commuted to train. But how do I get people to donate? I spent a butt load of money for twitchange to get Eliza Dushku and Sophia Bush to follow me in hope that I could spread the word further, but so far have only managed about 35 more followers on twitter. How do I reach all these extra people? And more importantly, how do I convince them to part with their hard earned cash for a good cause?

I’m struggling here guys. Help me out anyway you can.

And if you wish to donate, head to all proceed go to Parkinson’s NSW.

Peace out guys.

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