6 weeks? Already?

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Hi everyone,


It has officially been 6 weeks of Wimp 2 Warrior training after our Friday Night Conditioning session wrapped up last night. And that means its been like 5 weeks since my last blog. Boy, hasn’t that time just really gotten away from me. It is unbelievable how fast the time is disappearing.


So, I guess you might want to know whats been going on? Otherwise, why else would you be here reading this?


Like I said before, we have just finished 6 weeks. The first 4 weeks were 4 days of training (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri), but once we hit week 5, Wednesday also became a training day. So, we now attend 5 nights a week. I’ll run you through the nights;

MONDAY NIGHT: MMA. Up untill week 5, this consisted of a bit of everything. A bit of striking, a bit of wrestling, a bit of everything. Starting from week 5, it has mostly been a Grappling night. A lot of ground game work.


TUESDAY NIGHT: Strength And Conditioning. Tuesday nights are probably the toughest of nights. Basically consists of Circuit training using kettle bells, battle ropes, tyres, medicine balls, barbells, chin up bars and body weight exercises. It is often incorporated with some hill sprints. (Ergh, hill sprints)


WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Striking. The new addition of wednesday night training has had us learning kicks, knees and punches. With that, also came the dreaded “Body Conditioning” where we basically stand there with our hands on our heads and allow our partner to deliver kicks to our legs and body to condition it to getting hit. Good fun….


THURSDAY NIGHT: Wrestling. This is the night we get to work mostly with 3 x UFC Champion Jens Pulver. He’s been teaching us things like take downs.


FRIDAY NIGHT: Fight Conditioning. Friday nights are tough. It basically consists of an ever rising amount of 5 minute rounds. We do sprawls, level changes, scramble drill, hip switches and finish of with planks. So 1 minute of each for the 5 minutes. Coach Thiago has thrown a few curve balls into the routine the last couple of weeks.


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are your more technique driven training sessions. They are pretty physically demanding, but nowhere near as intense as Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday and Friday are the times that it really feels like we are working as a team. Everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. If anyone is struggling, there’s someone calling out to them with motivation. I really feel that these are the sessions that bond you together with the other people in the group. I think everyones worked out who the people that motivate them the most are and now try and work as closely to those people as they can. My main guys are Alan “Chopper” Herrick and Ryan “Rhino Smash” Nash. Lately, Jasmine Ryan has come into that group too. Im not sure what it is about these guys (and girl) that help get me motivated, but the certainly do the job. For example; last night Alan was injured, so was working a different routine to the rest of us. He ended up on the complete opposite side of the room to where I was. At one point, I was absolutely struggling and he somehow managed to notice from that distance, and still yelled out motivation to me. Which subsequently pumped me up and got me to finish strong. I can only hope that when we make it to the Easter Break and everyone gets divided into teams, that we all make the cut and we all end up on the same team. They’ll certainly make the Fight Camp portion of the whole experience a much easier time.


Back to that fact that 6 weeks is gone already. Time is absolutely flying. Coach Richie Crannie sat us all down for a bit of a chat on Wednesday night, and basically was telling us not to wish the time would disappear. More or less, dont get focused on the future. Dont get focused on getting into fight teams. Dont get focused on getting into Fight Camp. Dont get focused on the fight at the end. Do focus on each single session and enjoy every single session you have. I cant see that being a massive problem for me. Whilst I cant wait to be put in a team and I cant wait to be in the fight, I also spend every single day at my job just absolutely itching to get to that nights session. I am enjoying myself so much at training that I quite simply have absolutely no joy at work what so ever. My days are horrible. Everyone makes comment about the time and distance I have to travel to get to training (and believe me, I do not travel the furthest), but frankly, travelling to and from training is a far more enjoyable experience than arriving at work every day. I never would’ve thought a 9ish hour period could take so long.


I havent really got too much more to say I dont think. So, I seriously dont like doing this, but, there is still more money required to get through to the end of this program, petrol costs are also massive, and it costs a bit to keep my diet on track, so if you happen to be willing to commit any cash to help me out, let me know and i’l hook you up with my details. If not, no biggy and thanks for your support anyway. I seriously appreciate EVERYBODY who has shown any support along the way. Leaving home at 7am and returning at 930pm is tough tough work. But all of your support is helping push me through that.


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Another also, If you have any questions or comments you want to ask or make, feel free to use those social media links to get in touch. I dont bite. Mostly…


Cheers for having a read,

‘Jurassic’ Mark McDonald

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