2014 Goal Results!

Posted: 31st December 2014 by markomac in Uncategorized

Hi everybody,


Its now New Years Eve and I thought id do (maybe) a couple of blog posts to update you on what goals I set this year I achieved or missed and what goals I am setting for next year (if I can be bothered today)


So, what were my goals last year? (Lucky for you, I wont just make you go back and read my previous posts.)


GOAL 1 – Set Goals- ACHIEVED

GOAL 2- Pass Certificate 3 in Fitness – ACHIEVED

GOAL 3- Attempt Certificate 4 in Fitness – ACHIEVED AND PASSED

GOAL 4- Be more active – Somewhat achieved. Have been playing Oztag and hitting the gym with far more frequency than usual, but still would like to increase that.

GOAL 5- Do some Coaching Course – Somewhat achieved. I am an accredited cricket coach and have done the general coaching course. Still would prefer more.

GOAL 6- Be less angry – In most cases, i will say ACHIEVED. At the very least, Ive gone half an oztag season without abusing some very poor referees!

GOAL 7- Bake one themed cake a month – Didnt get there. Only did 2 or 3 cakes this year I think. Will require much more effort to achieve.


So, there we go. Have to say that over all, im pretty happy with what I achieved.


What do you guys think? Hit me up on social media using the links on this site.


Cheers and happy new year!

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