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Ladies and Gentlemen,


As I write this blog, I for the life of me cant even remember what I blogged about last time. If you haven’t read that one already, go read it and let me know what its about.


Anyway, lets get onto the reason for this blog. (You know what, I think the last blog was about Goal Achievements…)


Lately, I’ve been trying really hard to set personal goals to help me achieve the things I want in life. I listed off a few goals for what I wanted to achieve throughout this year, which is all well and good, but hey, its only for this year.


For some reason, I got to thinking about creating a bucket list. That is the precise reason for this blog. I decided I would implement a bucket list into my life, and I have subsequently just completed writing that list. A few folks have asked me during the process about what I was putting on the list, so I thought I’d share it with you.


Now, years and years ago I had a book named something along the lines of ‘101 Things To Do Before You Die’. So, based on that book alone, I decided that my list should have 101 Things on it. It was a tough task, but I managed it. Now, before we get started, I just want to clarify that somethings may appear doubled up or have a very slight variation on another. I have done this as a way to stagger the goals. For example, on this list I have ‘Attend V8 Supercar Race’, which gives me the option of attending ANY V8 Supercar race around the country (which obviously is something ive never done). I then also specify ‘Attend Bathurst V8 Supercar Race’. In that regard, if I attend Bathurst as my first race, then I cross 2 items off the list.


So anyway, enough of the boring explanation part and lets get onto the list.


  1. Add 101 Items onto this bucket list  (Count them! All 101 of them!)
  2. Drive a Race Car
  3. Ride a Hot Air Balloon.
  4. Go Scuba Diving
  5. Go Sky Diving
  6. Get Married (4th February 2017!)
  7. Have at least one child
  8. Write A Book
  9. Run A Marathon
  10. Have a Picnic At Hanging Rock
  11. Travel Along The Road To Gundagai (Traveled the road, then camped i Gundagai!)
  12. Go cage diving with Sharks
  13. Own A Duck
  14. Own a Parrot Like Bird
  15. Jump off The Stratosphere In Vegas
  16. Go On The Jurassic Park Ride
  17. Complete an Eating Challenge
  18. Compete In The Empire State Building Stair Climb Race
  19. Go Bungee Jumping
  20. Go to every major cricket ground in Australia
  21. See A Red Sox Game at Fenway Park
  22. See a Celtics game at Boston Garden
  23. Attend a Wrestlemania
  24. Visit Alcatraz
  25. Do a “Hot Lap” at Bathurst
  26. Drive CAR around Bathurst
  27. Drive RACE CAR around Bathurst
  28. See a show at Madison Square Garden
  29. Get a Martial Arts Belt Grading (Most likely BJJ)
  1. Go “Drinkin Round The World” at Disneys Epcot
  2. Meet someone with my name
  3. Break/Set a Record
  4. Walk A Red Carpet
  5. Go skinny-dipping
  6. Have something named after me (Kennedy and Robbie named a Star after me!)
  7. See the cowboys win a premiership (4th October 2015, beating the Broncos 17-16 in Golden Point in the greatest Grand Final ever played!)
  8. Have a meal/drink with some one famous
  9. Attend a Melbourne Cup
  10. Go Into A Giant Maze and Test Maze Theory
  11. Attend a V8 Supercar Race (4th August 2018, Red Rooster Sydney Supernight at Eastern Creek)
  12. Attend Bathurst V8 Supercar Race
  13. Attend Gold Coast 500 V8 Supercar Race
  14. Be an extra on TV/In a movie
  15. See Niagara Falls
  16. See a show at the Sydney Opera House
  17. See a Test Match at Lords
  18. Ride in a blimp
  19. Ride a mechanical bull
  20. See Ayers Rock
  21. Record an album
  22. Attend San Diego Comicon
  23. Have a 6-foot Party Sub
  24. Make a film/documentary
  25. Have my portrait painted
  26. Sit in the members stand at an SCG test
  27. Do a ghost tour (Cathies work Xmas party was a Ghost Tour around the Rocks. Saw no ghosts.)
  28. Stay the night at a haunted place
  29. Eat Fugu
  30. Attend a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
  31. Get an official Golf handicap
  32. Watch every James Bond film
  33. Use a sensory deprivation tank (Week before my MMA fight to relax. Was OK)
  34. Ride the roller coaster at Ferrari World
  35. See an F1 race
  36. Buy a bottle of $500+ Whisky
  37. Be a mascot
  38. Have an MMA fight (2nd July, 2015 vs Mark Thomas. Lost… 0-1)
  39. Attend a game at every NRL stadium
  40. Bowl a Perfect Game
  41. Bench Press Bodyweight Comfortably (12 reps)
  42. Cook A Blooming Onion
  43. Write a letter to the queen
  44. Go sober for 1 year
  45. Conquer Sydney Tower Stairs in less than 10 minutes
  46. Conquer Eureka Tower Stairs in less than 12 minutes
  47. Travel in a submarine
  48. Have a video viewed 1 million times on YouTube
  49. Be on a game show
  50. Visit every state/territory
  51. Address/Perform to a large crowd (Performed MMA in front of a sold out Luna Park Big Top)
  52. See the Moto Gp at Philip Island
  53. Attend Aus Open Tennis Final
  54. Find a “Holiday Spot”
  55. Ride a motorbike
  56. Tip someone excessively
  57. Give homeless person a good sum of cash
  58. Help someone achieve a long-term goal
  59. Holiday on a cruise ship
  60. Write a thank you letter to a company for a good experience
  61. Apply to be on a reality TV show (Wimp 2 Warrior is a Reality TV Show. Just hasnt made it to air.)
  62. Coach a Team
  63. Try the sport of Curling
  64. Save some ones life
  65. Attend a NASCAR race
  66. Throw out a first pitch at a baseball game
  67. Tour a castle
  68. Purchase a very expensive suit
  69. Go snowboarding
  70. See Great Barrier Reef
  71. Be debt free
  72. Finish the list and start a new one.


So, there it is folks. Let me know what you think, or ask me any questions via Facebook, Twitter, tumblr etc


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