Goal Update!

Posted: 10th July 2014 by markomac in Uncategorized

Well, its been more than 6 months since last blog when I set out my goals for the year.


In good news. Technically, I have completed three of them.


I set goals. That was my number one goal.


I officially passed my Cert 3 in Fitness! Which was my second goal.


The third goal is a bit of a 50 50 as to wether its completed. But that was to try and attempt Certificate 4 in Fitness. Well, im in and the course is paid for. So, im claiming that as a completion. What do you think?


My other goals have been a bit so so. I wouldnt say I’ve been more active. I have however done a couple of online coaching courses and have started reading coaching books, so thats a start. Couldnt really tell you how I am on the anger front, thats up to you to determine for me I think. But I certainly havent baked one themed cake a month so far. Theres still time to catch that up though. One coming up real soon, so keep your eyes out for that.


Once again, let me know what you think. I always appreciate feedback!



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