The 5 D’s Of Dodgeball? Really?

Posted: 6th November 2012 by markomac in Uncategorized

Well, its been a while. Nearly a year? So, whats up? Hows everything on your end going? Oh really? Thats Interesting. Tell me more?


Sorry to cut you off, but I just have to get this blog out before I get distracted and wander off. Yep, it happens pretty easily. So, here we go!



We all know the game of dodgeball. My guess is that the majority of people out there have at some stage in their life, either played a variation of dodgeball or at the very least have seen the movie simply called “Dodgeball”.


So im going to assume that you all know what im talking about when I mention the 5 D’s of Dodgeball, as made popular from the previously mentioned movie. But, just incase, those 5 D’s are;








Basically, we are all lead to believe that if you can master those 5 key elements, you will be good at the game of Dodgeball.


Well, let me rewind to earlier this year. I managed to secure a try out for the Australian Dodgeball Team, known as the Emus. I went in pretty confident in my ability to perform the 5 D’s. Im sure many others did too. And do you want to know what I discovered?




They simply arent effective on a dodgeball court. Hasnt anyone ever noticed that they are only defensive manouveres? You can dodge the ball all day long, but if you dont have the skills to eliminate the opposition, then you arent a good dodgeballer. Wheres the THROWING aspect of the 5 D’s? The one thing you actually need to do to eliminate the opposition. Wheres the cardio aspect of the 5 D’s? I was pretty good at it all, early on. But by the time the big games rolled around to really push for selection, I was gassed.


Going in under prepared is not something ill do again. Tryouts for the 2013 World Championships will be sometime around July. Between now and then, I need to increase my stamina. I need to be able to perform for the entire duration of the tryouts at a top level and still have enough in the tank in case they want to see more. I need to increase my throwing strengthand accuracy. Come the tryouts, I need to have a rocket arm that simply calls for selection. I need to increase my flexibility. Flexibility is the key to the aspects of the D’s that do work. And I need to bolster my speed and reflexes. Because at the end of the day, when I make that Australian team, i’ll be playing against the best in the world. Playing against people who actually play this game for a living. And i’ll need my 2nd Best On The Planet attitude when it comes to my training, simply because if you believe you are the best in the world, you dont have a target to achieve.


Training started tonight. And ill be trying to film a small documentary along the way. So stay tuned folks. Mark is on the warpath!






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